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Unique & Heavily Textured Ceramics

Hand Made in El Paso, Texas



Efren Villalobos is a native El Pasoan. His ceramic practice began in 2015, while living in Austin, TX. During his seven years in Austin Efren worked closely under established Austin ceramic artists, while also completing his BBA in Marketing with a minor in Art from St. Edward’s University. Efren returned to El Paso in 2021, where he established Fired Up Clay Co. Presently, Efren manages Fired Up Clay Co. from his personal studio, in addition to working as a ceramic instructor for the El Paso Museum of Art.



Hand thrown and hand built ceramics made in El Paso, TX. Mix of functional and decorative pieces created in small batches. Fired at mid-range, using red-brown stoneware clay and slip. All pieces are meticulously crafted through a multi-step process. While there are similarities, each piece has a sense of individuality and uniqueness.

Passionate about the natural world, my ceramic practice is heavily influenced by its beauty and intricacies. I strive to capture the essence of people, plants, and their pathologies and explore how they are shaped by their environments. I use diverse textures, incorporating slip drips and bumps that engulf my vessels, to create visually captivating surfaces. The natural world is constantly changing, which is something I try to evoke in my work. We are all shaped by our environments, altered by events, and engulfed in life. Similarly, my vessels are shaped, altered, and engulfed by my distinct surface decoration and vibrant hues. While the exposed clay body provides a stark contrast, it symbolizes what once was and provides a platform for growth. Each piece I create reflects my inspiration and is intended to be enjoyed and appreciated from every perspective.

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